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Elevate your leadership impact


Bigger vision

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Bigger opportunities

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Simon Hawtrey-Woore, Founder, The Outspire

I call myself the Outdoor Executive Coach

I first trained as a coach 18 years ago and transitioned away from my communication agency to start a coaching practice full-time ten years ago.

I love to work with purpose-driven leaders who want more influence within their organisations and create a more significant impact, helping them break through the barriers between potential and performance.

As well as coaching one-to-one clients,
I specialise in leading from the bigger picture and empowering leadership. 


Come on a coaching journey with me and elevate your leadership performance

1. Striving to lead with more impact and fulfilment

Driven by a growth mindset, you want to continue progressing with your leadership ambitions

Step outside and transform your leadership performance

  • To be the leader you want to be

  • Have a more significant impact on your organisation's performance

  • Inspire those around you to perform 

  • Find meaning and motivation in your work

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2. Are you feeling increasingly walled in by the day-to-day?

Are you finding a ceiling on your leadership progress?

  • Caught up in day-to-day challenges and frustrated by not moving forward

  • Lacking or fading meaning and motivation, unaligned with those around you

  • Here's not working and yet you are unsure where to head or how you're going to get there
  • Frustrated with an underperforming team

  • Feeling like you are burning out under the pressure of work

3. Step outside and lead from the bigger picture

Step into the open space of being coached while walking in nature to find a fresh perspective, connect with your bigger picture and return to your path as a high-performing leader

  • Reconnect with an inspiring future

  • Embody what's important to you 

  • Create a clear path forward

  • Inspire a culture of empowerment

  • Sustain a front-foot mindset

Step 3-4
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4. Lead from the bigger picture

Through my Leadership Impact Elevator coaching, you have the opportunity to discover and leverage your natural leadership potential by:

  • Connecting with the Bigger Why as a vibrant picture grounded in a timeframe and as a clear motivating direction to pull you forward

  • Creating a Values Compass (TM) to connect to what's essential to maintain momentum

  • Mapping a path forward with milestones, priorities and challenges for real-time traction
  • Work through Team Values and a Leadership Practices Audit (TM) for motivated and inspired teams

  • Establish a culture of Empowering Agreements (TM) to maintain your vitality and that of your teams

5. Elevate your Impact as a Leader

There are four ways we can work together to elevate your impact as a leader, in your organisation and for your people: 


    Creating a Leadership performance breakthrough


    Outcome - transformed leadership performance


    Find sustained motivation and vitality


    Create more aligned, motivated and collaborative teams

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6. The Outspire Community

For a sense of the collective from the outside, I also offer two group coaching experiences:



7. Why Coaching Outdoors? Better Ideas!

Walking outdoors is critical to finding perspective away from the four walls and the ceiling of our day-to-day challenges. 
My places of work are all outdoors. The UK's parks, forests, mountains, and coastlines offer natural inspiration in a calm, safe and healthy environment. 
Walking has been proven to increase creativity by 60%. It's no surprise that some of our best ideas pop up when we're walking and talking. 
The small picture of our 2D Digital world makes it increasingly hard to find perspective and see the bigger picture in our places of work. 
All our senses become engaged for greater clarity of thought and sharper insights
Step 7-8

8. More Clarity

My clients find that talking freely in natural open spaces brings clarity they have not experienced in any other setting. 
We are of nature, so we also tend to be calmer and less fight or flight when in a natural setting. 
Problems seem smaller under a big sky, opening up more in the landscapes we walk in.
We are wild awake in natural settings. 
Mother Nature is metaphorically rich to help us process our thinking. 

9. Walking through limitations

As with any path, there will be bumps (the things we tell ourselves are in our way)
I will gently and firmly guide you through these to achieve your leadership ambitions. 
Walking side by side, being coached in nature, you'll be able to connect to the more profound truth behind what motivates you. 
We are of nature, so we have a primal sense of being in our natural environment, free to be our authentic selves. 
Our gaze can be carried from our feet to a far tree or hilltop, helping us process our thinking and calm our senses. 
Step 9-10

10. Taking focused and effective action

Action is vital for a successful outcome. Walking raises our heart rate, releases endorphins and increases our willingness to take action. 
Oh, and the side effects of walking include increased levels of vitality. 
Not passive, active towards the future.
Physical journey with memory anchors lasting long after our time outside.
5D environment - counter-intuitive - letting go and slowing down to speed up.

11. Where outdoors are the sessions held?

My coaching sessions take place in beautiful outdoor settings within easy reach of your location. 
My usual London office is the 410 acres of Regent's Park. 
I also hold sessions throughout the UK on forest trails, mountain paths, coastal landscapes and vibrant city parks, depending on your location, programme design and familiarity with the great outdoors. 
I use roaming audio for the sessions when location and travel are more of a challenge - both ends of the phone are walking in our favourite parts of nature.
Step 11-12
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12. Come outside with me and become the leader you are meant to be

If you are committed to elevating your impact as a leader and progressing at an exciting pace
then take four small steps forward and begin your leadership impact journey
Step 1 - email me at to arrange a free 30-minute orientation call - roaming audio or zoom out recommended. 
Step 2 - Field an orientation call from me where you can share your ambitions, challenges and timings, and I will walk through my approach in more detail and related fees. 
Step 3 - If the fit is right between us, I will follow up the call with a proposal recapping the context, desired outcomes, recommended programme design, related costs, and suggested timings. 
Step 4 - We can then agree on dates for the programme and set up the first session to step outside together and start the next stage of your leadership journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Accordions are great for answering frequently asked questions.

What happens if it's raining?

I keep a keen eye on the weather hourly and by the minute using various apps. Coats and umbrellas usually suffice, depending on location. Should it pour down during the session, we will take suitable cover. 

What do I need to wear?

Please wear comfortable shoes that don't mind getting muddy as we may not stick to all the paths. Layers are advisable given the changeable weather, and a rucksack/shoulder bag can free up your arms for a more relaxed walking experience. We will pause for a drink during the session, and there may be some tabletop work. 

What do I need to bring to the session?

You don't need to bring anything. Travel light, shoulder bag or rucksack to keep your arms free and your mind open. No need for a notebook or reference materials. I'll have all that.