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Working Together



Elevate your impact as a leader and as a leadership team.

There are four primary ways we can work together to elevate your impact as a leader in your organisation and for your people.

As no two situations are the same, we will co-create a programme to support your specific challenges and needs. My coaching support is designed to harness the power of working together outdoors. I work with nature in person and virtually. 

Pack your kit and come on a coaching adventure with me to climb out of the valley of unfulfillment and back on your mountain of growth, leadership performance, and progression. 

1. Outspire Strategy Day 

The Outspire Strategy Day is a full day of coaching in the wilderness for the ultimate breakthroughs. We will be away in nature, walking and journeying through your challenges towards more compelling opportunities. 

Stepping outside into the wilderness for the day, you will 

  1. Have the chance to decelerate for the day, be more strategic away from the whirlwind of your task list, reset, and feel vibrant and reengaged with a brighter future. 
  2. See a bigger vision for yourself and your organisation.
  3. Find fresh perspectives for clarity and reconnect with a more vibrant picture of your personal why. 
  4. Anchor insights in naturally rich metaphors to memory recall as we investigate the fears weighing you down and establish new priorities. 
  5. Ground the way forward in a timeframe with priority mapping.

Our outdoor location is tailored to each individual or team based on balancing proximity to your location and desired degree of wilderness. 

2. Impact Elevator Programme 

Transform your leadership performance and impact with this six-month coaching programme, where you will.

  1. Connect with your bigger picture, an inspiring future to pull you forward with meaning and purpose. 
  2. Establish a clear pathway forward grounded in a timeframe, with mapped priorities, identified perceived challenges, and actions set for establishing traction. 
  3. Create your Values Compass that connects you with what's important to you, keeps you aligned to where you find energy and motivation and guides you in optimising your leadership presence. 
  4. Build your Self-Care Matrix to support you in getting back to your best when life's challenges rock your momentum and discover a front-foot mindset with robust agreements and an ownership mindset. 
  5. Connect with people empowerment and delegation by discovering how to lead through empowerment that motivates and inspires others to perform around you.

3. Values Compass - individual or in team

Through a three-step online and virtual process, you will be connected with your 4-5 core values. Living into these values is where you find vitality, motivation and performance. 

By the end of the experience, you will have a clear understanding of your core values, what they mean to you, and how they can guide you moving forward in the decisions you make and the relationships, you build. 

  1. Online self-ranking that takes approximately 30 minutes and then two 60 minutes online zoom sessions or if part of a separate programme -these sessions are woven into the wider programme design. 
  2.  Your values compass will help you stay on the right path that fills you with energy and vitality and is sustainable and motivating. 
  3. Armed with our core values setting our priorities becomes clearer and establishing boundaries more natural. 
  4. Once connected with your core values, you can share them with colleagues, family and friends, so they connect with what's important to you and support you in setting robust agreements and managing expectations moving forward.
  5. A congruence summary will also help you connect with how you like contributing and the roles you prefer to play in the working context. 

4. Organisational Values 

Working with your organisation as a whole or with your management team, department or project team, Organisational Values create more aligned, motivated and collaborative teams. 

  1. The programme co-creates a set of organisational values that helps to galvanise all stakeholders and the teams themselves. These are 4-5 behaviours to hold everyone to account against.
  2. All included, all voices heard, and transparency established around behavioural accountability.
  3. The programme includes a facilitated workshop, working with the management teams/teams to agree on the final set of core values and flush out any elephants in the room! 
  4. The approach involves input from a set of key external and internal stakeholders.
  5. It takes 3-4 weeks in total, depending on availability and includes stakeholder Interviews and a half-day session for the chosen team to rank and prioritise the value words.

This approach is also used to co-create a set of performance-enhancing behaviours in senior management, function or project teams.

We can incorporate the Values Compass with the programme, where I work with team members to connect their personal values to the organisation's values. Overlaying personal meaning to an organisation's values enhances motivation and performance further. 


For a sense of the collective from the outside, I offer two group coaching experiences.

1. Outspire Growth Circle 

The Outspire Growth Circles are groups of 6-8 Senior Leaders in a peer group setting who meet monthly online and with biannual in-person experiences in an outdoor environment. 


  1. Develop meaningful relationships with fellow leaders outside your organisation 
  2. Create strategic alliances and find accountability partners that help with priorities, focus and traction. 
  3. Leverage collective experiences for clarity and more innovative, faster decision making 
  4. Trusted, supportive environment to work through challenges. 
  5. Growth in self-awareness and leadership capabilities. 

Includes a leadership performance audit, Values Compass creation, and a one 2 one 30-minute coaching session between group meetings. 

2. Outspire Adventure Club

The Outspire Adventure Club (OAC) is the opportunity for you or your team to rediscover a sense of adventure. 

Whether you are stepping up to a new role, looking to reset, or a team looking to galvanise or be rejuvenated, the OAC can be tailored to fit your sense of adventure, outdoor experience and time of year. 


  1. OAC experiences include awe days, 24-hour micro-adventures, night walks and overnight bivvy. Camping pods, YHA and more comfortable accommodations can be included. 
  2. We'll be off the grid with an old-school map and Compass. No phones/smartwatches
  3. OAC's a run quarterly on a season basis covering Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn 
  4. There are three levels of adventure - beginner, intermediate and experienced. Weather tolerance, fitness, mobility and outdoor confidence will help determine the best experience for you or your team. 

There are four main choices of landscapes for the OAC experiences - the mountains, forests, hills or coastline. 

Suppose you don't see a specific programme but remain interested in experiencing my coaching from the outside. In that case, we can talk about tailoring a programme that suits your particular needs.