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Clients about my work


"Thank you for providing that framework for me to gain clarity and stop procrastinating"

Wellbeing Organisation

"Enormously helpful, thank you. I needed to improve writing succinct, strong emails that deal with the issue without antagonising."

Art Company

"Simon has a great approach and is highly motivational in his coaching method"

Hotel Group, London

"I feel like I can move onto the next challenge and have my confidence boosted by it"

Design Agency, London

"Simon dedicated himself to me and my issues throughout the sessions"

Communications Agency, London

"I thought Simon was very inspiring but also realistic"

Marketing Agency

"The Confidence I have right now is really valuable"

Legal Sector

"It's a great feeling the sense of direction and purpose that I have now"

Promotional Agency

"A unique ability to inspire me to achieve my goals, encourage me to take a more focused and confident approach to run my business"

Health & Wellbeing Organisation

"I now have a clear plan of where I want to be and how I will get there."

Conditioning Coaching Business

"Thank you so much. I would have never got there by myself so swiftly and efficiently"

Senior Director,
Product Design Company

"Walking next to each other, taking in the air and space, guided by Simon's gentle pace and questions, I found myself talking about my work in a very different way and tone than I would in a "business space"

Therapist & Mindfulness

"Today, it was as if you were shining a torch on things, and I could suddenly see more clearly. So thank you"

Arts Marketing

"Thank you for your incredible insights and coaching last year."

Design Agency

"It was life-changing, transformational and has had a huge positive impact on my life. My coach was inspirational and took place outdoors; I was reintroduced to the joys of nature, wildlife, and just getting out to relieve the pressures of everyday life."

National Charity